7 Benefits of Steel Building in Wisconsin

Not to say we’re tougher than every other state, but when it comes to enduring the cold, the people of Wisconsin come out on top! Our climate experiences icy and snowy winters, so having a commercial building that withstands the harsh weather is essential. Northwest Builders, a general commercial contractor, based in Rice Lake, WI, is going to tell you about the benefits of investing in a steel building in Wisconsin.

1. Cost-Effective

Save, save, save on costs! Steel buildings are a fantastic investment for a multitude of reasons. One of the most significant advantages of a steel building is its cost-effectiveness. It is quick and easy to assemble, saving you money in construction. Commercial steel buildings are also highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about restoration costs and damage control. Additionally, they are low maintenance, so less money needs to be spent on maintaining the property.

2. Highly Durable

Another benefit steel buildings have to offer is durability. Thanks to steel’s robust and long-lasting material, your facility can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. With proper assembly, thanks to a high-quality general contractor like Northwest Builders, a steel building can be fire-proof, weather-resistant, and endure Wisconsin snow storms. Reduce the risk of storm damage, and start your steel building project today!

3. Superior Insulation

Don’t stress about heating bills that will break the bank! Besides the fact that steel buildings are durable and cost-effective, they are excellently insulated. Metal buildings provide much better insulation than traditional buildings, meaning they are energy efficient as well.

Reduced Heat Transfer

Heat transfer occurs any time there is a temperature difference between two objects. Between the two objects, the cold will always begin to absorb the warm heat through conduction, convection, or radiation. With steel buildings, conduction is slowed, and there is very little heat transfer between the inside of the building and the cold outdoor air. Due to less heat transfer, you will need less energy consumption to heat the interior of the building. That means you will save big and stay warm, two things we love to hear during the holiday season!

4. Low Maintenance

Steel is a highly durable material, meaning it doesn’t require much maintenance throughout the seasons and years. Termites, mold, and additional maintenance to upkeep traditional buildings can be expensive repairs down the road. Saving money on maintenance repairs allows you to invest in future projects for the success of your business.

5. Pest-Proof

Do pests pay rent? No, they do not! During the winter months, various pests invade buildings to stay safe and warm. Thanks to improved moisture control, varmints don’t have a chance to nestle into the cracks of steel buildings. This winter, you won’t need to worry about unwanted pests like rodents, birds, or termites infesting your property.

6. Endless Design Options

Living in Wisconsin, we understand the cold climate. One of the most considerable costs during winter is heating. Luckily with metal buildings, you can save in many ways. The first is by initially choosing to invest in a steel material property. With low maintenance, excellent insulation, and high durability, your commercial building will thrive in winter. Secondly, steel buildings are easily customizable and designable, meaning that you can have low ceilings to cool your property better or invest in a pre-engineered building. Pre-engineered buildings are customizable to fit your buildings needs.

7. Improved Moisture Control

Northwest Builders build properties meant to withstand the elements and ones that offer natural insulation. We make our steel buildings with deeper walls to ensure we can install more insulation. This extra barrier between the outside and inside keeps warm air trapped in the building and prevents condensation from occurring.

Let Northwest Builders Help You With Your Steel Building Project

When it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in a commercial steel building, refer to this list of endless benefits! Not only are steel buildings low maintenance and pest-proof, but they are also highly durable and save you money in the long run. Were you thinking about investing in a commercial steel building for your business? Speak with the experts at Northwest Builders today!