5 Benefits of Renting a Crane For Your Construction Project

Crane rental services are an excellent way to keep your residential, commercial, or industrial construction project on schedule and within budget. Whatever your project’s specifications and goals, a crane is a fantastic tool to keep your plan on track. There are multiple reasons why crane rental services benefit you, and Northwest Builders looks forward to sharing five benefits. Read on!

Considerations Before Renting Crane Services

There are many areas to take into consideration when choosing between completing your project with no crane, renting a crane, or purchasing a crane. We highly recommend taking your time with pre-construction planning than not. Here is an essential list of questions to give thought to before renting a crane:

  • What is the size of my job site?
  • What is the terrain of the site?
  • What are the weight and dimensions of the materials being used?
  • What are the heights of lifts?
  • What are the safety hazards without a crane?
  • What is the project timeline?

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll be able to decide better if a crane rental is necessary for your construction project. Northwest Builders is dedicated to providing high-quality services and will go through all this information with you before your rental. If you are in Rice Lake, WI, and require crane rental services, reach out (715-234-7066) to our team today!

5 Reasons to Utilize Crane Rental Services

#1. Crane Rental Services are Budget-Friendly

Renting a crane for your construction needs is the most cost-effective way to finish your project on time. If you were not to use a crane, the timeline of a project could be lengthened, putting your team behind schedule and most likely over budget. If you choose to purchase a crane, there are many forms of documentation, certifications, storage, and costly equipment to handle. Renting a crane keeps you on schedule and benefits your budget.

#2. They Are Flexible & Convenient

Crane rental services are flexible and convenient. They help speed up your project and keep you on or ahead of schedule. Our 128′ crane works well at Northwest Builders regardless of season, time of day, or terrain! Learn more about our rental process by speaking with us (715-234-7066) today!

#3. Increase Job-Site Safety

Creating a safe work environment is necessary for any build. Renting a crane is a fantastic way to put safety first. Crane rental services are OSHA compliant, headed by trained operators, and receive proper and routine maintenance. Through renting, your team is allowed to focus on creating a safe environment, get ahead of schedule, and stay on budget.

#4. Cranes Are Handled By Trained Operators

Crane operation is not an easy task, so it is essential to be completed by a trained, certified, bonded, and insured operator. Professional crane operators understand the importance of working efficiently and prioritizing safety, meaning that your construction site will operate smoothly.

#5. Less Paperwork

Let our team handle the paperwork! When purchasing a crane, many documentation and logistical aspects need to be considered. Save the headache and work with a high-quality unit for your crane rental needs. At Northwest Builders, our certified crane operator and well-maintained 128′ boom crane will give you peace of mind as your project continues, keeping you ahead of schedule and within your budget.

Reach Out to Certified Crane Rental Providers

If your project requires heavy lifts, consider renting a crane. Crane rental services have endless benefits, from saving money to improving job site safety and less paperwork. When it comes time to renting, consider Northwest Builders for the job! Located in Rice Lake, WI, we look forward to making your residential, commercial, or industrial project speed ahead with our high-quality 128′ boom crane. Call us today (715-234-7066)!