Most roof repairs are only temporary solutions. By their very nature, built-up or single-ply roof systems require constant maintenance to remain watertight. But there is a better option. In most cases, you can install a Butler reroof system directly over your current existing built-up, single-ply, or metal roof. This saves you the cost of tearing off your current roof and avoids any interruption to your business activities during the process. Additional insulation can be added for increased energy efficiency.

Thru-fastened metal roofs have a shorter life span than standing-seam roofs. An economical low-profile metal-over-metal system easily attaches to your building’s existing roof structurals, virtually eliminating all leaking caused by exposed fasteners. Eighty percent of all roofs leak at locations around roof-mounted equipment. Butler is the only metal roof manufacturer to design and patent its own roof curb to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements.

Northwest Builders’ ability to quickly execute preliminary design and pricing helps get your project off the boards and on to the work site. Our in-house, skilled work force of non-union employees keeps quality workmanship consistent and costs down. When you select Northwest Builders, you’re buying more than our quality assured construction methods. You also get the unsurpassed performance and reliability of Butler Manufacturing. While other manufacturers are cutting quality to remain competitive on price, Butler is always ahead of the competition through research and development, product innovation and manufacturing efficiency to remain the industry leader in value and quality. We simply won’t use second best.

Low Profile Metal Over Metal Roof System

Low Profile Metal Over Metal Reroof System

High Profile Metal Over Metal Roof System

High Profile Metal Over Metal Reroof System